Power Your Home With Reliable Electrical Services

Power Your Home With Reliable Electrical Services

Trust a local residential electrician in Toledo, WA and surrounding areas

Our homes require more and more energy to keep up with our modern amenities. Have you ever been frustrated with faulty wiring or circuits that don't always work when you need them? Turn to the leading residential electrician in Toledo, WA, serving Castle Rock, Longview and Olympia areas.

ASE LLC is licensed and certified for electrical services, with over 30 years in the industry. Keep your home's electrical system safe and powerful enough to handle the your growing energy demands.

Call 360-831-7969 today set up an appointment with a professional residential electrician.

Make sure your new home's electrical system is built to last

The team at ASE is ready to provide you a wide array of electrical services, from small scale wiring solutions to complete system overhauls. If you're purchasing a new home, it's essential to have a residential electrician check behind your walls to see possible safety and performance flaws. Hire us for:

  • Safety inspections-ensure your home's electrical system is up-to-code and safe
  • Wiring updates and installations-avoid major headaches and safety issues down the road. We can complete minor adjustments or a major overhaul
  • Panel upgrades-put more appliances on the same circuit without constantly tripping breakers
  • Surge protections-keep your devices safe from power spikes and surges

Don't let a weak or faulty electrical system turn your dream home into a costly nightmare. Let us review, repair or replace your wiring and circuitry to give you added peace of mind.